U.S. Battery’s AGM Batteries have been designed to bring you, the owner, peace-of-mind. Our AGM products use premium seal technology, making them virtually maintenance free and placing them above other conventional flooded and GEL lead acid battery types both in terms of durability and performance.

When AGM Batteries are broken, the acid is absorbed in the glass-mats surrounding the battery plates, eliminating the risk of spillage. In addition, since there is no free liquid within the battery, our AGM products are rarely damaged by freezing temperatures.

US Battery’s AGM Batteries have been constructed and compacted to withstand shocks and vibrations found in many motive power applications, giving you years of reliable, dependable, and maintenance free usage.

AGM Benefits

  • Higher Peak Capacity
  • Increased Initial Capacity
  • Improved Energy Density
  • Enhanced Recharge-ability
  • Fortified Plate Construction
  • Improved Cycle Life
  • Diamond Plate Technology® Advanced paste formulation maximizes capacity life and recharge-ability.
  • Antinium™This special grid metal mixture is used to reduce grid corrosion and water usage. In combination, these features will extend the life of your battery by 15-20%.
  • Crystalock™ Our advanced plate curing process insures structural strength and solid adhesion to the grid, the key to superior cycle life.
  • Thicker Plates Our plates are the thickest in the business, assuring you the longest cycle life possible.
  • Extra ElectrolyteUsing shorter, thicker plates allows for more electrolyte over the plates, extending required water intervals.
  • Lifting HandleMakes installation and removal quick, easy and safe.
  • SpeedCap™ a positive locking cap that will not vibrate off or “spit” acid when removed. The “gang” feature allows for easy removal of all three caps at once saving time and money.